Childline Andalucia Roller banner design

  • Roller banners designed for the Childline Andalucia charity in southern Spain
  • Childline Andalucia reveal their roller banner at a fundraising dinner

This 800mm x 2000mm roller banner was designed for use at fundraising events, dinners, and in the entrance to the organisation's offices. Using the instantly recognisable design and branding that has been applied across all of the charity's marketing media, the banner lists the charity's key fundraising obectives, promotes the website, and includes a message from the founder.

Website design

Design of a custom-built and interactive website with a built-in content editor.

The website is fully responsive across desktop, tablet and mobile devices, and includes a help forum, news feed, animated backgrounds, and a donations page.

- Website design for charities

Poster design

This A1 and A3 sized poster was produced for the charity's launch campaign. Designed to be instantly recognisable and eye-catching, over 500 copies were distributed in shop windows, bars, clubs, and paid advertisement locations.

- Poster design for charities

Flyer design

These double-sided A5-sized flyers were distributed on the high street and in bars and clubs as part of the charity's launch campaign. The reverse side features a letter from the charity's founder and president with a list of 'big wishes'.

- Flyer design for charities

Business card design

Business cards designed alongside the charity's letterhead and other stationery using the instantly recognisable 'stripes and cityscape' theme.

- Business card design

Letterhead design

The brand design and development project for the charity included a new and original letterhead and stationery design that is used for all official correspondence.

- Brand design for charities

  • Original design
  • 800mm x 2000mm dimensions
  • Closely matches charity's branding

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